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Holy shit! I got on Newgrounds today and noticed it was clock day. Lo and behold there was a new Action N Topcatyo! Best one YET! Fiiiieeeeevvves!


He has a dick nose...


This is a cool animation. I could tell that you had fun with it. Plus, you have Blue kicking some serious ass at the end! Very nice work and I hope to see more in the near future!

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Too easy!

I don't understand why people say this game is sooooo hard! I beat the whole thing without taking a hit or buying an upgrade. It's not difficult if you look at where the bullets are. Now I'm off to listen to a band you've never heard of and smell my own farts.

Very nice!

Normally these types of puzzle games are too long or get so incredibly difficult that they aren't fun anymore. This avoids both. It's simple, easy to learn, challenging but not too challenging, not too long, and most of all fun! Also, I love how the ending makes you feel like there's more as well as the way that the end was worded had me go back and solve what I needed to. I beat it several times, but I didn't notice any difference after I imput the 3rd code. Overall fantastic job! I'll be on the lookout for more of these.

Pretty good...

I normally love this type of game but there were a few problems that really affected it. The most annoying being that the shots by the enemy constantly blended in with the background. I could never tell when they were shooting me. The power ups change too quickly and there are too many for the spacebar shot. I would go for a missile and laser upgrade, but when I reached them they became something else that changed and downgraded my standard shot. And invincibility is too short after you're killed. I would go directly for my previous power ups and die again before I could reach them. Not to say that this is a bad game because it's not, but those improvements would make a HUGE difference.


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